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Etude n°2 is a sketchbook composed of millimeter paper sheets to 1/100° scale.

Conceived for architects, engineers, artists and all those for whom the scale of the drawing has an importance, this sketchbook is printed on an ecological, high-end and not slept paper. The sensation of this paper allows to find the pleasure of drawing and writing.

Sheets are drilled and detachable to be able to be easily archived, project after project. A hard back is added to the sketchbook to be able to draw in all the situations and all the places (stand up in front of a site, in a construction meeting, in a plane or a train...). This sketchbook is supplied with tools of drawings to be precise everywhere and all the time

Contents : Bloc notes composé de 50 pages de papier millimétré imprimé recto + instruments de dessin
Material :  paper (from Sweden) 120gr/m2 and cover in hard cardboard (320 gr/m2) printed in hot foil + hard back.
Dimensions : 21x29,7x 0,8 cm
Weight : 550 gr
European fabrication

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