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Etude n°1 is a sketchbook full of tracing paper sheets.

Essential tool for architects, engineers and creators, this tracing paper sketchbook is conceived with a fin paper (70gr) to allow a transparency favoring superposition of sketches and details.

Sheets are drilled and detachable to be able to be easily archived, project after project. A hard back is added to the sketchbook to be able to draw in all the situations and all the places (stand up in front of a site, in a construction meeting, in a plane or a train...).

Contents : 50 tracing paper sheets
Material : tracing paper 70 gr/m2 and cover in hard cardboard (320 gr/m2) printed in hot foil + hard back.
Dimensions : 21x29,7x 0,5 cm
Weight : 350 gr
European fabrication

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