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Archiblocks is a wooden construction game designed to stimulate modularity, volumetry and composition.

Each piece's dimensions and angles allow you to mix and create different models, cities, skylines and examples of contemporary architectures, or even words! The pieces allow to reproduce or reinterpret very famous buildings such as the Empire State building, the United Nations headquarters, the New museum...

Its simple design makes it an intergenerational and decorative object: children and parents will love them, no matter their age. 

Soft-finished, each block is made by hand, from lime wood whose natural dryness allow for a long-lasting light colour.
Crafted with care in Europe, Archiblocks uses wood from sustainable managed forests.

Holds 18 pieces
Material : untreated lime wood
Packaging : screen printed box and cover
Size : 17x17 cm
Weight : 850 gr
European fabrication

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