Alice Meteignier

Alice Meteignier has studied illustration at the HEAR school in Strasbourg, France and now lives in Paris. 

Her work, in particular her drawings, are often published in the press (Le 1, Zadig, XXI, Télérama, New York Times, etc). She also illustrates her own stories (Editions MeMo). She is the writer and illustrator of Mister Papillon and Max et Marcel, for which she has received honours in the Opera Prima category at the Bologna Children Book Fair in 2017. 
You can also admire her drawings on posters, such as the ones used by the Ilets theatre for the 2021/2022 season, for Mailchimp new identity, for the shopping centre Grand Front Osaka, etc.
Along with her illustrative work, she is also pursuing a personal graphic research, in particular around the shoe pattern. 

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After studying at the Paris School of Decorative Arts, Jean-Baptiste Berthezène and Félix Demargne founded Cheeri in 2008. Cheeri is a graphic design studio focusing on typography as well as code generation. They design visual identities, typesettings, logos, books, posters and illustrations for various actors in the cultural industry. Founders of the Air poster's association, they have been organising an annual exhibition of posters since 2012, including international graphic studios.


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Joran Briand

To understand the architect work or the designer work, perceive exactly the direction of its drawings, it is necessary to find its counterpoint, its base line. For Joran Briand, it is the ocean. If he is famous for his urban inclusions - he has designed, in collaboration with Etienne Vallet, the huge concrete facades of the Mucem and the Jean-Bouin Stadium for Rudy Ricciotti - the work of this young designer formed at Olivier de Serres and the Ecole nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris never stops to find its inspiration in the sea, the open oceans, the continuous flow of surging waves. When he draws a hessian stool for Saint-Luc, it's a looming mooring. When he starts the collective Granit exposition, he contributes by a surf board with embroidery inclusions. Even the prototype of the concrete bench conceived for Vinci seems to stretch to the swell... This is how, inspired by his great knowledge of architecture, he always questions the object dimension. He imposes a dialogue towards a bigger scale, one of the structure, the building and the space. At the same time, Joran Briand teaches Design in the Ecole Parsons, Ecole de Condé and Ecole Bleue.

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François Olislaeger

Living between Paris and Mexico, François Olislaeger is a drawer and author of Belgium and French comic books, born in 1978 in Liège. He took part in several expositions like Archi et BD, La ville dessinée in the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, in Paris, in 2010. He published some comics such as Mathilde, danser après tout with Mathilde Monnier, Denoël Graphic in 2013 and usually collaborates with the press such as : Beaux Arts magazineDouble, Les InrockuptiblesLe JDDLibérationLe Monde.

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